Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012...The Year When...

A yearly tradition. The only blog post that I publish for the past 2 years. 
Patterned after my 20112010, 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 posts.

...I celebrated my fourth-year-anniversary at my current job

...I conquered the right leg split (almost 98%!!!)
...I did Wushu religiously three times a week (except when I travel)
...I joined Pinoy Travel Bloggers
...I cleaned out my closet. I realized I owned too much stuff.
...I tried sufring...and failed
...I tried to swim with the Butanding in Donsol, but didn't find any
...I conquered Korea

...I conquered Baguio with my Amigas! First out of town trip with my best friends.
...I conquered Iloilo and Guimaras
...I did Indochina (Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand) with my bestfriend!
...I explored Davao...solo!
...I became a maid-of-honor in my best friend's wedding!

Compared to my 2011, 2012 has been relatively easy on work, finances, luck and life in general. Lots of "grown-up" realizations too.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011...The Year When...

A yearly tradition. Patterned after my 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 posts...

...I had a new boss at work
...I celebrated my third-year-anniversary at my current job
...I took up Wushu lessons(Oh yeah!)
...I explored Mindoro
...I explored Biri Island
...I climbed Mount Pulag
...I explored Dumaguete
...I explored Siquijor
...I explored General Santos City
...I applied for a Visa
...I bawled by eyes out to my best friends
...I traveled alone
...I paid the highest credit card bill in my entire life
...We got two new "breeded" dogs - Polly and Moshi
...Got TBI 789
...I completed the Simbang Gabi - the madaling araw edition - again!

2011 has been a superb year! I am welcoming 2012 with uber enthusiasm! ROCK ON! More dreams to conquer!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010...The Year When...

A yearly tradition. Patterned after my 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 posts...

...I bought an Ipod Docking Station with CD player. Hard to find in the Philippines. I had to order via Amazon.
...I bought an LCD TV - Samsung Series 3. 22"
...I celebrated my second-year-anniversary at my current job
...I had a technically new position/role at work
...I explored Anawangin
...I explored Singapore
...I explored Corregidor
...I explored Caramoan
...I explored Calaguas
...I explored Palaui
...I explored El Nido (dream destination)
...I explored Ilocos
...I conquered Sagada
...I conquered CDO and Camiguin - I tried white-water rafting!
...I joined a travel group as a solo traveller - and repeated that
...I got myself travel buddies for my ultimate dream destination - Europe
...I stopped going to the gym (blame it on the office benefits). Hence I gained weight. This is my fattest phase ever. I am hating myself in pictures. My ultimate goal this 2011 is weight loss!
...I got more interested in make-up.
...I attended weddings. I learned how stressful it can be
...I got an unwanted Inaanak. I hate it how people disregard the essence of being a Ninang and limits it to the "ability to give gifts" criteria.
...Tophermic died. A tragedy.
...Our cat, Moshi, died. Heartbreaking.
...I completed the Simbang Gabi - the madaling araw edition
...I started my 30 before 30 list (still stuck with #15)
...I started my travel blog

Overall, 2010 has been a year of surprise challenges but everything turned out well. Cheers to 2011!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Credit Card Spending for 2010 Review

Patterned after my 2009 post.

As I sat and waited for 2011, I had this nerdy edge to do this CC Analysis again.

Credit Card: BPI Edge with E-Credit
Penalties Paid: Php 0
Annual Fee: 0. Easily reversed, no need to fight for it.
Period: January 2010 and December 2010 (12 months)

Percentage of Expenses swiped in CC: 37%. (Expenses is defined as Net Income less Savings/Investments).

Lowest amount swiped - Php 90++ for junk food
Hight amount swiped - Php 4,000+ only. My biggest purchase of the year - an LCD TV - was paid for in cash.

The 2010 CC Pie Chart

Necessary Stuff, 11%
Halved from 2009 - since I didn't buy a laptop this year. Still includes my eyewear, really-must-have books and magazines, haircut and music-related purchases.

Clothes, Shoes and Accessories, 21%
Up from 19% in 2009.I bought less shoes this year because I lack space and I diverted the fund to travelling. I got more interested in using make-up because of the four weddings I attended this 2010. Not bad. I am not out of control here.

Food- 27%

Up from 20% in 2009. Lots of family meals, friends meals and my office snacks.
So that's where the pounds came from. (Grrrrrr)

Naki-Swipe - 13%
Almost the same rate as last year. I still volunteer my CC for swiping purposes. .

Gifts - 7%
Did I become more kuripot this 2010? Down from 9% in 2009.

Travel - 6%
Online ticket purchases, travel gears, travel stuff (sublock, food, etc.).Same rate as at year. And I thought I travelled more this year.

Donations - 7%
My sponsorships billed thru my credit card. I also signed up as a sponsor in WWF. Less hassle in paying. Nakatulong ka na,may points pa!

Whatever stuff - 6%
Doubled from last year. Looking at the breakdown, it really comprises of the "whatevers" - slippers, random stuff from National Bookstore, random stuff from Landmark. Gotta keep an eye on this on 2011.

Entertainment - 2%
Movie and concert tickets. Same rate as last year. A measly 2% for my share. I so love Ayala malls for accepting BPI CCs to buy movie ticketts.

Amount of Monthly CC Swiping:

Less spikes for 2010 compared to 2009.
May - bought CDO tix, Swiped for others more than usual.

That's it! No spikes even for December 2010. And all my gift purchases are already in my December billing statement.

Freebies analysis:
BPI promos sucked this year. Sucked big time. There were gap periods with their promos. They had this Timezone promo I completely ignored. I just claimed a total of 11 free items - with a retail price equivalent to approximately 1,000? Or less. I hated the Goldilocks promo too.
I hope they offer better deals this 2011.

So all in all, my CC usage looks pretty good and almost boring for 2010. No major cc swipings done. No interests and penalties paid. Let's hope I can keep this up this 2011!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hair History

Pretty much all my life, I have this fizzy unruly curly hair. I had my hair straightened at the neighborhood parlor when I was in high school; but it lasted for a week - I kept on tying my hair so the straight-ness did not last long. I never tried permanently straightening it again. Even when cellophane was big in high school and rebonding was a huge hit during college, it did not interest me. I always had this feeling that my hair would turn out like a walis-tambo when straightened. Eeeeeek.

I decided to lose the bangs when I entered college but the ponytail stayed. there was not much to do with it so I had always had it trimmed in the neighborhood parlor - Php 50 back then, now 70. Then came the era of Reyes Haircutters where I could have a shampoo + haircut + blowdry for Php 50.

I decided to do something during my 4th year in college - I cut my hair short. I had long hair since the 4th grade so it was a serious decision. Since it was a big step, I decided I would do this right and I would have my hair cut in Ricky Reyes in SM North. The price of a haircut was steep for a student's budget - Php 180. I braved to go inside the salon and had my hair cut short. I planned to go back to the Reyes Haircutters when I had to trim it but my mom really liked my haircut - so she offered to sponsor my quarterly haircuts in Ricky Reyes.

The hairdressers/haircutters just love upselling stuff to me. They always suggest that I SHOULD color my hair and I SHOULD have my hair rebonded. Then they move to suggesting that I SHOULD let them trim my eyebrows. I never took any of their suggestions. First, it was an unnecessary expense. Second, I actually like my curly hair. The white streaked curly hair is a family trait that I actually like. So back off. There were times that I found their upselling so darn irritating and borderline rude that I start to ignore them and pray they don't do anything weird during the haircut.

I soon outgrew my short hair and returned to having a long hair in a ponytail when I started working.I decided to try out David's Salon with Sarah. I paid Php 295 for a haircut. It was okay - well, that's because you can't really do anything with my hair. When I changed employers, I learned that there were expensive haircuts *gulp*. You could say that some of my officemates had a taste for the salon of expensive haircuts and I was swayed to try some of them out.

I tried Regine's in The Link - Php 300. The salon was the most upscale I've been in so I felt so VIP during my two haircuts there. Cuts were nice but of course, my hair was blah as usual.

I decided to bring the bangs back and I wanted to do it big time. I saved up for a Tony and Guy haircut. The women's haircut of a senior stylist there costs a raging Php 750. Of course I did my research and learned that the customers still tip the hairstylist and the assistants (but I didn't do that because I am just kuripot). I printed out pics of haircuts with side-swept bangs and requested for such. But the hairstylist did not agree with me - he said my hair is not amendable with that type of hairstyle. I was given bangs of some kind but not the kind that I want. But *ding ding ding*, I liked the layered cut he did to my hair. My curls looked...soft yet still curled.

But I had not given up my desire to have bangs again. So I frequently read forums and learned about Piandre. I had my hair cut for Php 380 - still pricey but it was relatively inexpensive. Still no bangs. I decided to try out Park Jun - which cost Php 800/ haircut from a senior stylist. The stylist said that if he gives me bangs, i had to blow dry everyday. I lied and I said yes, I can do that. teeee heeee. He cut me side-swept bangs but it was still not the style I wanted. *sigh*

Yesterday, after five months of no haircut, I just felt the need to get my locks trimmed. I decided to go back to Tony & Guy but I opted for a junior hairstylist this time - Php 650/haircut. I reiterated my want for bangs - she said okay - but she did not do it. MEH. I kinda gave up on it on the end and I didn't bother reminding her. But I like the waves of my curls now.

Maybe there is this placebo effect ongoing when I get an expensive haircut. It provides this boost of self-confidence. I feel like my locks are more manageable and the curls are well-defined. I get compliments and I've been asked many times where I had my perm done. :P I feel like it moves more nicely. My sisters still tell me that is really no difference but I feel otherwise. Also, the upscale salons do not hardsell any of their services. All of them still offered to rebond my hair at the start. But when I decline, they leave it at that. No more pangungulit. It makes the salon experience more enjoyable.

Nope, I don't remember all the names of the hairdressers. But getting a haircut has become quite an adventure over the years. I just feel like writing about it tonight.

And I still love my white-hair streaked curly hair!